It has been used by wrestlers for centuries, most notably in India. Now, thanks to pioneers in the fitness industry, steel maces have made their way to the West, becoming one of the most notable modern fitness training tools for athletes. What makes steel mace workouts so special? Steel mace workouts are the epitome of functional training. Steel Mace Training improves sports performance like no other fitness tool. Functional aka Athletic training purposely demands balance and body awareness during training through the use of unilateral exercises.

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Personally, as I age within the industry, my desire to achieve a balance of strength far outweighs aesthetics. I personally enjoy adding in a lot of pull-up variations; deadlifts and bottoms-up kettlebell work into my training programs. With the mace, the majority of the weight is at the end of the mace handle, which forces activation of the muscles in the hands, wrists and forearms…the lower the grip on the handle, the more challenging it becomes.

I have always had a healthy range of shoulder mobility most likely stemming from a combination of genetics and a background in gymnastics and swimming.

I recently started to compete in kettlebell sport long-cycle this past year. With my current training load and the amount of jerks I perform, shoulder health is key! The mace is the perfect compliment to any athlete that jerks or snatches. Not only does it help to swing a mace as part of a warm-up, it can also aid in recovery.

Your abdominal muscles are challenged with every mace move. Just simply pick up a mace and you immediately feel their activation. Check out the video below. Mace flows have become very popular in recent years, while mace competitions have been popping up in conjunction with kettlebell competitions over this past year.

The mace is certainly here to stay.


5 Steel Mace Workout Methods For Full Body Conditioning

In fact, according to Onnit, a steel mace manufacturer and a forerunner in the realm of "primal fitness," maces have been used as weapons and training implements for thousands of years, and they were actually a favorite tool of ancient Hindu warriors. The long, narrow rod serves two purposes: Variable Grip Options: The long rod makes it easy to change your grip position from exercise to exercise, altering the difficulty of each movement. Facilitates Movements That Engage the Core: The longer rod extends the distance between your body and the weighted ball, making it a great tool for swinging, twisting, and pressing exercises where core engagement and control are critical. Mace training is a great way to develop core strength for powerful, functional exercise. Improved Grip Strength Grip strength—a combination of hand, finger, and forearm strength—is an often-overlooked aspect of most fitness programs.


Benefits of Macebell Training

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Top 9 Benefits of Steel Mace Training

Faegar Get to Know Us. All these expenses add up, and YOU end up footing the bill! Personally, as I age within the industry, my desire to achieve a balance of strength far outweighs aesthetics. Macebell training is all about building core strength and stability to not graining improve posture but also body control. It pushed the boundaries of what I believed was my genetic potential for building muscle Showing of 2 reviews. The results are extraordinary, and really unprecedented.


Steel Mace Training

And for many people, it is. Yet, it has been around for centuries. Just like the kettlebell and Indian club, the steel mace training is simply making a welcomed comeback. Thanks to the current incline in professional acknowledgment of functional fitness, unconventional training equipment that had been lost to history and the battlefield have found their way into modern gyms. I say "thanks" because this type of equipment is fun and extremely effective. We love this ancient Persian war tool.

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