Lost-Found Muslim Lesson No. In fact, we have white Five Percenters. We are pro-righteous and anti-devilishment. Allah proclaimed Kennedy a "righteous man" and renamed him Azreal. Sujan Dass, who is better known as Supreme Understanding , is a Bangladeshi-American Five Percenter and an influential and prolific writer. The murder was a blow to the movement, but according to the direct orders of Allah before his death, some of his earliest disciples, a group of nine men who were called the First Nine Born carried on the teachings, and his friend Justice assumed an acting leadership role.

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But there is much more to the story of the Nation of Gods and Earths than just letters, numbers, and doctrine. In the Black God anthology, Dr. We produce strong, intelligent, dedicated men, and righteous, sincere, beautiful women. It opened my eyes to what God truly is and why history was rewritten the way it was. Written by Dr. I started to learn more about who the Nation of Gods and Earths truly are.

Based on what I have found, I believe they have done more to evolve Black Consciousness than any other similar organization. This article builds on why. He served until and joined the Nation of Islam at Temple No. Known for his charisma, combat ability, and speaking ability, Clarence 13X quickly rose through the NOI ranks to ultimately become a student minister.

Fard Muhammad, and Elijah Muhammad was his messenger. So when a member of the Nation says that he believes that Elijah Muhammad is the messenger of God, he is also saying that W. Muhammad is God. It is easy to see why anyone would disagree with the teachings of the Nation of Islam.

He taught a more practical approach to self-mastery to those that followed him out of the NOI: that every Black man and woman could develop their godliness through meditation, study, and through spiritual and physical fitness. Each number represented a very specific concept and reflected deeper teachings: 1 represents Knowledge, the foundation of all in existence, for it must be known in order to make it manifest 2 represents Wisdom, the vital building block of life.

If you knowledge my wisdom you will understand what I am talking about. Their emergence will bring about Justice. This is the highest elevation that any Black man can hope to achieve! To destroy is to ruin by allowing negativity to outweigh the positive. All things in existence pertains to a cipher. Like all great and revolutionary Black men of the era, Clarence 13X became the target of the U.

His death was barely investigated and his killer was never found. The teachings of the Nation of Gods and Earths is a philosophy — a way of life. Just as the Earth brings forth life, or fruits of the seeds that God plants — the Black woman brings forth a child from the Black man.

The group is also known as the Five Percent Nation, and here is why: Ten percent of the people of the world know the truth of existence, and those elites opt to keep 85 percent of the world in ignorance and under their controlling thumb. The remaining percentage are those who know the truth and are determined to enlighten the rest.

These are the Five Percenters. Other teachings include the following: 1. That Black people are the original people of the planet earth 2. That Black people are the Fathers and Mothers of civilization. That true Islam is a natural way of life, not a religion.

That education should be fashioned to enable us to be self-sufficient as a people. That each one should teach one according to their knowledge. Arm, Leg, Leg, Arm, Head. That our children are our link to the future and they must be nurtured, respected, loved, protected and educated. That the unified Black family is the vital building block of the nation. The best way to obtain right knowledge is by sitting at the feet of the Gods and Earths themselves.

We have compiled a playlist of the best teachings we could find. We are constantly adding new videos, so click here to subscribe to our channel. Lastly, these are the books written by the Gods and Earths themselves that I read to introduce me to the teachings. I suggest you add them to your collection.


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