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I also have the Fuel Magnetizer installed on my truck, which has allowed me to use regular unleaded gasoline. Before the installation of this Magnetizer, I had to use high test gasoline due to a pinging in the engine. With the Magnetizer, the pinging in the engine has stopped and I have saved money on gasoline. My personal and professional opinion is that the Magnetizer is a good investment and I would recommend its use. Thank you, R.

OK, my truck has more horsepower now than ever before I am getting 50 extra miles per tank of gas I have not changed my driving habits, if anything, with more horsepower my foot is a little bit heavier on the accelerator I am happy Thanks J. We keep very itemized records of our fuel consumption and mileage.

This bus was getting an average of 7. After installation of the magnetizer, over the next four months, the gas mileage jumped to 8. We are continuing to monitor our fuel mileage very closely and if these results continue, we will be considering purchasing these units for the rest of our fleet. The Magnetizer is just such a new technology.

It will cut dramatically the pollution created by our automobiles. On my Blazer it reduced the carbon monoxide from parts per million to parts per million. Nitrous oxide and hydro-carbons were reduced to an almost immeasurable degree. If all cars were equipped with a Magnetizer, our children could breathe clean air again. Wanted to tell you about the experience my daughter had when she took her car in for a smog test. And on top of that they told her that her car was a gross polluter.

She was very upset and worried about expensive repairs. We decided to try the Magnetizers and put them on the fuel injection system, air and water. We put an extra fuel energizer on the main fuel line going into the fuel pump as well as on each injector line. Then she drove 2, miles including a trip to LA. When we went back to get the free follow up smog test at the same state regulated station where the first test was done, the car passed!

When I asked the mechanic if that would effect the smog test, he said it would not effect it at all. Anyway, my daughter was very excited and happy knowing that she saved the cost of additional repairs to her car. She also noticed that her car runs better and smoother than it did before. Sincerely, T. I am writing you to tell you about the results of the Magnetizer unit which I installed on my Chrysler New Yorker. Before installing the unit, I went to the inspection station in February.

Within 50 miles after installation, I felt an increase in power and performance. Within miles, I could see that the varnish was being cleaned out of the carburetor. Following the instructions for use, I changed the oil at miles.

At that time, the oil was very, very black and dirty. At 1, miles, the oil smelled burned and still very dirty. These results are appropriate because the unit cleans up carbon build-up. The next oil change was done at 3, miles: there was no indication of carbon build-up in the oil. Needless to say, I was very pleased. Mileage has increased from: 17 mpg before installation to In just two months.

In mid-April, I went back to the inspection station. The readings are: CO: 0. It indeed works, and I am very pleased.


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