Start your review of The Cleansing of America Write a review Jul 29, Sherilee rated it really liked it This book was fascinating, although I believe many parts are just conjecture. The cleansing of America section in the beginning is frightening and abrupt without much of a preface. The rest talks about the events leading up to and during the millenium. Skousen takes a very literal spin on the scriptures accounting the last days, which is interesting to consider. I liked his exploraiont of ideas on how Zion, the society will be formed, and how the government should be run, along with how the law This book was fascinating, although I believe many parts are just conjecture. I liked his exploraiont of ideas on how Zion, the society will be formed, and how the government should be run, along with how the law of consecration will be formed.

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Cleon Skousen Introduction: What is the most exciting thing you can imagine happening next year? Our Heavenly Father knew that the child of men would be anxious to know about the future.

However, his primary purpose in revealing the unfolding of spectacular events which no one could have anticipated is so that we can better prepare ourselves.

That is the primary purpose of this presentation. Wherefore, behold, I [ will proceed to do a marvelous work among this people, even a marvelous work and a wonder. And the things which thou shall see hereafter thou shalt not write; for the Lord God hath ordained the apostle of the Lamb of God that he should write them….

On two different occasions this prophet almost told too much. The first time was at the end of the book of First Nephi. In any event he did not write his second book until he was an old man. During the years he had carefully read the writings of Isaiah and quoted thirteen chapters of Isaiah because he knew that prophet had seen the same vision as Lehi, Nephi and Jacob.

Nephi therefore let Isaiah relate what each of them had seen. Nevertheless, as Nephi came toward the end of his Second Book of Nephi and began waxing eloquent in proclaiming the doctrine of Christ, he seems to have reached a point where he had something he was especially anxious to record.

Nevertheless, he hopes that through prayer the Holy Ghost will reveal it to them. Meanwhile he was forbidden to utter those things he was so anxious to declare openly and plainly. It was reserved to be included in the writings of John. Sometimes it is difficult to tell which sphere is being discussed.

For example, he talks about the , being sealed in their foreheads during the sixth seal 8 but seven chapters later he speaks of the , performing their great mission on earth after the opening of the seventh seal. I suppose that I was ordained to this very office in that Grand Council. For example: 1. According to OUR calendar, when will the seventh seal be opened, and the half-hour of silence begins in heaven?

Until A. They set up the new calendar so that it was in perfect harmony or calibration with the sun. The best answer to that question is in the Doctrine and Covenants. On two occasions the Lord used the Gregorian calendar in such a way that it seemed to clearly imply his approval of it. It will commence in the year AD. Apparently there is a great deal of furious activity in heaven right up to the time the seventh seal is opened.

The Priesthood of this dispensation are required to work at a tremendous pace to get ready for the Second Coming. This was explained to Wilford Woodruff the last time he was allowed to see Joseph Smith in the spirit world. The last time I saw him was in heaven. In the night vision I saw him at the door of the temple in heaven.

He came and spoke to me. He said he could not stop to talk with me because he was in a hurry. The next man I met was Father Smith; he could not talk with me because he was in a hurry.

I met a half a dozen brethren who had held high positions on earth and none of them could stop to talk with me because they were in a hurry. I was much astonished. By and by I saw the Prophet again, and I got the privilege to ask him a question. I have been in a hurry all through my life but I expected my hurry would be over when I got into the kingdom of heaven, if I ever did. Each dispensation has had ample time to do this work. We have not. We are the last dispensation, and so much work has to be done and we need to be in a hurry in order to accomplish it.

From a modern revelation we learn when the half hour of silence ends. So this tells us when the half hour of silence ends. It is just before the Second Coming. Since we know the half hour of silence begins at 2, A. In other words, can we determine about how long the half hour of silence lasts?

One of the apostles felt that such a calculation was possible. Here is the way Elder Bruce R. McConkie suggested it could be done. It turned out to be In the next five chapters John tells us of the careful and precise assignment of the angels in heaven so the earth can be cleansed of all wickedness and prepared for the Second Coming.

Here is a brief summary of each of these chapters. Chapter 8. After the seventh seal is opened, the first four angels receive their assignments to cleanse certain portions of the earth. Chapter 9. Chapter The seventh angel identified in verse 7 holds up a little book whereupon seven thunders roar out a message which John was forbidden to record. This is a heavenly vision of the climax to the second worldwide dictatorship.

It will culminate in the great battle of Armageddon which we will discuss later. This chapter provides the background for the fall of Lucifer and his hosts after the war in heaven. In the end, two-thirds rallied behind Jehovah but one-third supported Satan and were cast out into the mortal earth. This would be off and on throughout the 3, years incorporated in the dispensation of Joseph, Moses and the apostles. John saw that not until 1, A. John wants us to know that during this contest Satan will lay the foundation for two worldwide dictatorships.

Now we are ready for Revelation, chapter thirteen. John says the first worldwide dictatorship will come into its full dimension of power shortly after the year 2, but its beginning will be during the sixth seal. It is not a single dictatorship, but a coalition of nations. We do not know why seven heads would have ten horns and ten crowns unless three of these nations had colonial dominions. John leaves no doubt that this monster rising out of the sea was a Satanicinstitution.

Since the opening of the seventh seal is upon us, has any military or political entity been emerging which seems to reflect any of these characteristics? An apostle has warned that there is. For many years J. Reuben Clark, former U. He first became concerned when President Franklin D. Of course, who might have suspected that this might be the beast John saw rising out of the sea?

It was viewed by most people as merely a mutual defense pact However, World War II changed the whole world landscape and the United States came out of that terrible conflict as the new world leader with the Soviet Union a jealous and frantically obsessed competitor.

There were several reasons why the United States forged into first place as a world leader. Secondly she had out produced most of the rest of the world in planes, ships, tanks and military supplies. This pact contained a score of blatant violations of the U. Reuben Clark. After he studied the document he gave a thundering warning which was first heard by the Trust Division of the American Bankers Association on August 17, Of course, the North Atlantic Treaty was just the beginning.

Consequently, the State Department managed the next two major wars and they were disastrous. The Korean War has been described as the worst-managed war in the history of the United States and the Vietnam War is the only war the United States ever lost. As a result of these and other fiascos, Ronald Reagan was elected President in He got the backing of both parties and spent two trillion dollars building America back up to the most powerful nation on earth.

The Soviet Union tried to compete with the United States but finally went bankrupt and in the whole Soviet Union fell apart. Russia became an isolated, despondent, disorganized non-entity, and the Cold War was over. Now we go back to John who saw something amazing happen.

It was completely fragmented and left with only the original, isolated Russia as a wounded remnant of what had been a world super-power. Never had there been such a golden opportunity to require the Soviets to disarm, defuse or destroy her intercontinental ballistic missiles, get her factories converted over to domestic production and launch a massive road construction so her farmers could get the vast food supply from the muddy Russian fields to the central markets.

But none of this happened. John saw what did happen. The United Nations extended a generous helping hand to the Soviet Union — which had previously set out to conquer the world — and used the resources of the free world to begin building her up again.

Eventually, this bloody head that was saved by the rest of the UN may prove to be once more the most dangerous facet of the first world dictatorship. So the coalition of many heads and horns John saw in vision, will continue to strengthen itself until it becomes a world-wide dictatorship of ruthless proportions.

It will dominate the whole human race for 3. This is still future. On August 2, , the dictator of Iraq — with Soviet encouragement- overran and occupied an oil-rich neighbor, Kuwait. George Bush was the new President and he had always favored a New World Order to enforce justice and peace.


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