Akigar Check out the details here. What they will breathlews Good characterization, good editing, unforseen twists that keep you turning pages, easy to read I posted this on another site, and I thought it might be good to share here as well. Hudak Goodreads Author 2. We were unable to complete your request. Citizens and Government in Canada by Heather C.

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Feb 25, Angel Charms rated it did not like it I really really regret reading this awful book. Can I give this book negative stars? I thought MC in Fallen Angel was bad She is selfish, coward, fickle minded.. And the dark and mysterious hero comes off creepy atleast in the beginning. He was okay towards the end though.

He I really really regret reading this awful book. He really cared for Lia the MC , but she inturn is really bad to him. She keeps claiming to love him but not one gesture indicates it. She even states that he has no choice of liking another girl since he is bound to her while she has a choice and that he should be nervous about her choice. Bet this Eli guy ahm.. Jacob wannabe gets bitten by werewolf in the next book What kind of ending is that anyway?

This book all in all was a very awful immitation of Twilight. Twilight fans Lia is enamored with Chaseyn, and they become a couple. Her mother accepts Chaseyn Grandma comes to visit and puts the evil eye on Chaseyn then tells Lia about a family curse thinking that Chaseyn has something to do with it. When Grandma leaves, she fakes an accident and gets Lia to come out to Amarillo for I wanted to read this because I was pleasantly surprised with Amanda Hockings books; however, this story seems a little disjointed.

When Grandma leaves, she fakes an accident and gets Lia to come out to Amarillo for spring break instead of spending time with her friends and Chaseyn. This is where the story falls apart somewhat because the it loses believability when the Prince shows up to save the damsel in distress Unfortunately I found it slow in so many places. Truthfully I feel this book just needs a good editing. I also feel the characters This book actually had a decent storyline. I also feel the characters need more development.

I will never put a book down half way through, but I was incredibly tempted with this one!!


Heather Hudak

Ask it above. Member Since: Dec. Heather Hudak Biography Heather C. Hudak has worked as a professional writer for more than a decade. She began her career as a journalist with a small northern newspaper, before working as a movie critic for an entertainment magazine.


Heather C. Hudak

Daigami Jan 30, Paula Griffith rated it it was ok. Not in any big way at least. I have found many grammatical errors, as well which makes me wonder what was going on in the editing department. Heather develops, writes, and edits of books for the educational market.




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