The ISBN code for the book is Please note that we do not sell the Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist device. For your convenience we offer both a hard copy and downloadable PDF version of the book. Simply choose the version that suits you best. The five elemental energies — earth, gold, water, wood and fire — symbolise the life forces present in all living things, each one being a manifestation of Yin and Yang, or the opposing states of nature. Aculife can pick up imbalances in your body by identifying blocked acupoints in your hand.

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Insomnia Hormonal Imbalances If you would like more information on a particular condition or whether acupuncture could benefit you, please get in touch. What is Acupuncture? Acupuncture is the insertion of very fine needles into Acu-points on the body. It originates in China and has been used for thousands of years for the treatment of acute and chronic pain.

How does it work? It is not yet fully understood how acupuncture works, however scientific research and clinical evidence show that acupuncture has many effects on the nervous system and the muscles.

Local effects: Acupuncture produces many of its effects by stimulating the nerves, this can cause the local blood vessels to dilate, increasing blood flow to the area, which encourages tissue healing and reduces inflammation. It can reduce pain locally, where the needles are inserted and also throughout the body Regulatory effects: Acupuncture has a general calming effect on many patients and improves their well-being and sleep.

Myofascial trigger points: When muscles are strained or overloaded, it can create small areas of damage that can take time to heal and cause persistent pain. Small knots or tight muscle fibres form known as myofascial trigger points. Needling these points can inactivate them. How many treatments will I need? Does it hurt? Acupuncture rarely hurts. The most that people experience is a dull ache around the base of the needle, or slight tingling feeling when the needle is inserted.

Some points can sometimes be a little sharp, but the feeling is usually brief. About the treatment Your acupuncturist will first do a full consultation and answer any questions or concerns you may have. A treatment plan will be put together tailored to you. The acupuncture treatment involves the use of single use, pre-sterilized disposable needles of varying widths and lengths that pierce the skin at specific points. Most treatments are often followed by a 10 minute sports massage of the affected area, as this can enhance the effects of the acupuncture.


We are passionately dedicated to supporting you on your fertility journey.

I was walking with a limp and was experiencing severe pain. It is simple and easy to understand so that you too manula have a good experience with this wonderful electronic acupuncture device. It managed the discomfort very effectively. Most people become curious when they learn that it is possible to treat themselves for a large number of medical problems by simply stimulating acupoints on their hand. He did a single 30 minute treatment and the pain went away.



Babei Using Aculife just once per day takes away the pain. It managed the discomfort very effectively. Rather, it is a treatment that requires systematic use over a period of two to fourteen days to show significant benefits. So how effective is it? Bad case acupuncthre hemorrhoids, due to go into surgery late last year. On a trip to Ireland, a friend of mine offered Aculife to my husband to try. Also, try to be patient.


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Natural Conception Our Natural Conception plan has developed over time, its an amazing approach to conceiving naturally using acupuncture, fitting around you and your cycle. Giving you the best possible chances. You come to us for acupuncture around your ovulation time and then days post ovulation for your acupuncture implantation support. So, lets create that miracle together. Yes, its that simple. Creating a synergy between the best medicines of both worlds with acupuncture.

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