Vozilkree Sriyam also means Earth in this context. Aayaatu varadaa devee aksharam brahma-samhitam Gaayatreem cchandasaam maatedam brahma jushasva nah oejoe-aci sahoe-aci balamaci bhraajoeci trisuparnx dhaamanaamaaci visvamaci trisuparna mantra sarvamaci sarvaayur-abhibhooroem gayatreem-aavaha yaami. They attain to the fruit of the trisuparna mantra of Soma sacrifice. Kan means he acts like four faced Brahma. If we warn a young child that matra should not touch a hot stove, we try to explain that it will burn the child. Trisuparna mantra level is intent.

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A Trinakiketa, one who keeps five sacred fires, a Trisuparna, one who is versed in the six Angas, the son of a woman married according to the Brahma rite, one who sings the Gyeshthasaman, One who knows the meaning of the Veda, and he who expounds it, a student, one who has given a thousand cows , and a centenarian must be considered as Brahmanas who sanctify a company. A Trisuparna is one who knows the Trisuparna Sukta. According to page of this book , some commentators on the Manu Smriti say that the Trisuparna Sukta refers to verses of Rig Veda Book 10 Hymn : The Youthful One, well-shaped, with four locks braided, brightened with oil, puts on the ordinances.

Two Birds of mighty power are seated near her, there where the Deities receive their portion. One of these Birds hath passed into the sea of air: thence he looks round and views this universal world. With simple heart I have beheld him from anear: his Mother kisses him and he returns her kiss.

Him with fair wings though only One in nature, wise singers shape, with songs, in many figures. While they at sacrifices fix the metres, they measure out twelve chalices of Soma.

Other commentators say that the Trisuparna Sukta refers to sections of Taittiriya Aranyaka chapter 10, i. May the Blissful reach me. May the Supreme alone that is blissful reach me. O Lord, being one among Thy creatures I am Thy child. Suppress the dreary dream of the empirical existence that I experience. For that I offer myself as an oblation into Thee.

O Lord, and the vital and mental powers. Those brahmanas who recite Trisuparna indeed destroy even the sin of brahminicide. They attain to the fruit of the performance of Soma sacrifice. They purify all those who sit in a row of a thousand while at dinner and attain union with Pranava, i. That Bliss is attained through the power of intelligence. The Bliss which is indeed Brahman is attained through the power of intelligence.

Turn away from us this bad dream of the world. Bring to me that which is beneficial. Let the rivers run sweetly. Let the herbs be to us sweet and beneficial. Let the particles of the earth be sweetness bearing. Let heaven, our father, be sweet to us.

Let the sun be sweet and beneficial to us. Let the cows be sweetness-bearing to us. Those brahmanas who recite Trisuparna indeed destroy even the sin of feticide or hurting a Brahmana well versed in the Vedas and in their auxiliaries. That Bliss is attained through the power of sacrifice. The Bliss which is indeed Brahman is attained through the power of sacrifice. XXXX The Supreme having become the four-faced Brahma among gods, the master of right words among the composers, the seer among the intelligent people, the buffalo among animals, the kite among the birds, the cutting axe among the destructive tools and soma among the sacrificers, transcends all purifying agencies accompanied by the sound of holy chant.

XXXX That which is the sun who abides in the clear sky, is the Vasu the air that moves in the mid-region, is the fire that dwells in the sacrificial altar and in the domestic hearth as the guest, is the fire that shines in men and in the gods, as the Soul, is the fire that is consecrated in the sacrifice, is dwelling in the sky as air, is born in water as submarine heat, is born in the rays of the sun, is the fire that is directly seen as the luminary, and is born on the mountain as the rising sun — that is the Supreme Truth, the Reality underlying all.

The unbroken currents of clarified butter offered into the kindled fire — rendered sacred by cordial and hearty thoughts — flow like rivers, the water of which is potable for Gods. By this I kindly the splendour of the holy fire. XXXX In that Ahavaniya Fire, amidst those currents of clarified butter offered as oblation, abides the profusely rich and splendid Supreme Being who is magnified in the Trisuparna, who dwells in the nest of the bodies of created beings, who confers bliss on creatures according to their merit, and who shares with gods sweet ambrosia in the form of oblations offered by worshippers in Fire.

In His proximity are seated the seven sages who destroy sins by mere remembrance and who continuously pour oblations in the form of a current of nectar keeping in mind the various gods for whom they are meant. XL This Trisuparna may be imparted to a Brahmana unsolicited. Those brahmanas who recite Trisuparna indeed destroy even the sin of slaying a worthy Brahmana or an anointed king.

Some benefits are spelled out in that Manu Smriti quote: a Brahmana who knows the Trisuparna Sukta sanctifies a group of people if he is fed at Shraddha. Other Dharma Shastras say the same thing; see e. Other benefits are spelled out in the Mahanarayana Upanishad, namely the cleansing of sins, and this is confirmed in this chapter of the Vasishta Dharma Sutras.





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