Mezinris Characters where amazing, made me feel sad to think how awful it must have been back then. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Looking forward to reading this one again. I felt like his situation was a bit incomplete. To ask other readers questions about Being Plumvilleplease sign up.

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I liked this story it as sweet. This is a full 5 star book for me. I loved the romance between Ben and Cora. This book captured me from the beginning till the end. Oh and what an end this was, this book had one of the best epilogues ever. It was such an wonderful end for them and just how I pictured it. I recommend this book for every romance lovers.

Well done Savannah! I should be reading another book, but I got a lil bored with it and decided to read something "light". Oh Boy, this was not a "light" book, at all. We can do things freely now, sure racism is alive and well but there is a major shift in how racism used to work, Back then being openly racist is considered cool and acceptable. You do it out in the open and nobody is going to get back at you for it, if they do get caught, the justice does not suffice their "crime".

Now, when you say something racist openly or online, you are a gonner. Thank god, for the recent technology, we can now use it against them over and over until the intended message gets through. I like Benny and Ceelee, they were adorable when they were kids, I love how we all were all innocent kids who never realized such thing as "racism and stereotyping" until someone started planting this malicious seeds into our mind.

The friction that accumulates when equality is being fought by one race and another who just keep pushing it away, its toxic and treacherous. Its something in our human nature, we follow the bigger idea or crowd. She wants to pave a path for blacks to have a say and standing in their own country. This is an admirable trade. However, that does not mean, Ceelee is a blind hippy, she knows the privileges and danger that comes from the whites.

Especially if any event or incident that involves the whites and blacks mixing. She knows how unfair blacks are treated and how bias-ly whites are treated. But I never got the impression that she genuinely hates and resents the whites for that, Ceelee is intelligent, forward thinking and truce fighter. I like that a lot about her!! Meanwhile, Benny is just going with the flow, I think he may not feel "indifferent" when his frat brothers make racist remarks, I think it him makes it uncomfortable but not enough to make any obvious stand that will get unwanted attention from his fellow frat bros.

I still have my doubts. He is kind and affection to Patty and Barbara, but I wonder, will Benny have shut down his racist bros on his own eventually without Ceelee. I will not participate in this nonsense", instead he went along with them and only reacted when Tommy attacked Ceelee. I wonder, if he would do the same if Tommy had attacked Jermaine instead? Another thing, is that Benny also gives me the impression that he has his head up in the clouds a bit.

LOL, Am I the only one who thinks, after his tutoring session with Ceelee and their friendship grew, he suddenly realizing things about the black people around him? That part after he confronted Peter and came back to the house. I felt like even though, Peter is a "follower" racist and just say racist things because like I said, being racist makes you cool at that time, feel superior even.

But He and Felix was already sharing "soap opera" moments with Barbara, he have respect for the lady and mind his language around her. I totally wanted to smack the back of his head after he made that comment to Ceelee to her face.

So much for being neutral LOL!. Reading the tutoring part, reminded me of my time in high school. My English teacher assigned me to work with weaker student to improve their English oral skill. I was not aware I was pair with a racist girl, until one of my close friend told me about her and I later heard the racist remarks myself. I was angry that I was force to tutor her and worse when I was assigned seat next to her for the whole year.

Instead of being hostile and angry with her, I limited my conversation with her only during English time, eventually she found out what I knew and apologized. The horrendous rally fight, here is when the book started to loose some points for me.

OMG, I was annoyed as hell when Benny went along with his stupid bros. Again I wonder if Ceelee was not in trouble, what would have Benny done in that rally fight? Fight the blacks? Fight with the blacks? Stay there until one of his bros notice he is being a "statue" in the middle of the fight? During the outbreak fight, Ceelee had witness a fellow BSU student looking daze after taking a hit to the temple, Ceelee gagged I repeat she gagged That must have been a terrible experience!!!

Then, Our hero comes to the rescue and suddenly She was scared for 5 minutes, distrusting for 5 minutes and suddenly she was hugging him under the tree in a thunderstorm I was desperate to know what had happened to Freda, Jermaine, Nick and the rest of the geng. Had no one in BSU geng tried to look for Ceelee, No one was worried if she was getting raped by some racist jerk?

I cannot be the only one who was not satisfied at how the rally fight had progressed right? After that, the story shifted The story was mainly focused with both of them doing their thing. But after the rally fight ended, abruptly, I may add. Ceelee and Benny rekindle their friendship or affection almost immediately, all touchy and kissy and loving couple. What happened after the fight? Besides the black doll hanging from the tree, there was no mention of what happened during the fight to other BSU members, it hung there for 3 weeks?

Or how suddenly Benny is very close to Ceelee? Because we have already established that Ceelee and Benny were soulmates since they were young. Again, Benny is acting as if he can protect Ceelee from racist people. I think he was a lil over his head, just because he rescued her during the rally fight, does not mean he can fight the whole white and black population. Ceelee can comprehend their "situation" but she is also being blinded by love.

Although Ceelee is more level headed compare to Benny. Something I notice he only seem to realize until someone points that "fact" out to him. I admire Benny though, because he never gave up. You have to give him a thumbs up when he confessed right in front of their parents.

I never blame Ceelee for her doubts and trust issues, to be honest she have a lot more to risk compare to Benny if it does not work out. I understand her worries and concern. I like almost all the characters in this book, we have a diverse personality and opinion. I love that about the book, especially after their "secret" is exposed.

So painfully butt hurt, he rather talk trash about a girl he had huge crush on and trash her good name Like hell I would have put up with that bullshit! Brushing them aside because they are not Ceelee. He really shocked me at the end though. At least Andre had some kind of sense and conscious. I felt like the story could have gone another way. I wished we had seen more of that. An unsuspecting mysterious "bad guy" is watching Ceelee, I felt like it was quite unnecessary to have the "add on" bad guy put in the middle of the story.

We finally found out who that person is and what he meant by "You did that the last time", I made the connection a few minutes after I finished reading the book LOL.

She could have waited and confirmed with Barbara first before making that walk to the frat house. But do we really need that story? If we had taken it out of story You can be kind and not born a purebred racist and can learn to form a good friendship, ya know.

I wanted to know more, a lot more about what happened after they were caught. I wanted to know how the black people and white responded after that incident. Did anyone from black or white people saw any "hope" for their own potential interracial love?

I felt like every time a huge climax scene happens, the author hastily decided not elaborate the aftermath. I like that Benny and Ceelee ended up together and is having a family of their own. Her passion to built a path for black history education and what not. She was so passionate about it but by the end of the story, she ended with being pregnant and happy with Benny. I felt like the initial goal kinda got lost halfway in the story Am I the only one who felt like this?

It would have given more depth to the story.



I liked this story it as sweet. This is a full 5 star book for me. I loved the romance between Ben and Cora. This book captured me from the beginning till the end.


Being Plumville

Gotaur No trivia or quizzes yet. And poor job of hiding it? Meaning that besides the scuffle with Beny, I felt like he was upset about more. Many Southerners, Black and white, will revert to colloquial language patterns with close friends and family. May 30, SL Gibson rated it it was amazing Shelves: He knows that doing so will come plumgille serious consequences but he decides that she is worth it. I am glad I read this book, because I really plumfille Ms.

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